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storytelling with data podcast

Oct 28, 2020

A xenographic is simply a chart type not seen before, and in this episode, Cole talks with data journalist and designer Maarten Lambrechts, creator of They discuss having an open mindset for weird graphs, pushing boundaries to elevate graphicacy, and the value of bringing strange data visualizations mainstream. Tune in to also hear about Maarten’s experience as a data visualization freelancer, the important role of the online portfolio, and how a relentless focus on the end user helps drive smart data visualization design.


Follow Maarten: @maartenzam |


Tools: RAWGraphs, R (ggplot), Javascript, D3

Graphics: NYT graphics, Washington Post, Financial Times, FiveThirtyEight, Die Zeit, Berliner Morgenpost

Upcoming conferences: IEEE VIS (Oct 25-30), S-H-O-W (Nov 27-28)