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storytelling with data podcast

Aug 20, 2020

“Creativity is not stopping at the 1st or 2nd or 3rd iteration. Let’s create a ton of spaghetti and throw it at the wall—eventually something will stick.” Cole talks with illustrator, designer, and facilitator, Catherine Madden, about the power of drawing to think, define, generate ideas, collaborate, and ensure all voices are heard. Catherine shares tactics that get everyone sketching, from doodle birds to Sh*tty First Draft Parties, and discusses why pencils are on her forbidden materials list. They also chat about the value of the shared display, plus more pragmatic tips and tools for effectively facilitating in a virtual setting.


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Learn with Catherine:

Tutorial: how to display your iPad in Zoom 

Video: displaying webcam so iPad is not the shared display

Select images from Catherine (including visual thinking download)

Tools mentioned: Paper, Mural

Course: Foundations of Data Equity