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storytelling with data podcast

Sep 24, 2020

With days defined by distraction, how can we solve big problems and make time for what matters? Cole talks with technology designer and author of Sprint and Make Time, John Zeratsky, about the power of focus for getting things done. John details the design sprint process perfected at Google Ventures—detailing the value of “working alone, together” to generate better ideas, the benefits of prototyping and testing with real customers, particularly when the stakes are high, and much more. He also shares patterns uncovered from successful sprints that can be applied to everyday work. Tune in to learn why we shouldn’t rely on willpower to focus, how to create barriers to distraction, and the satisfaction you can reap by proactively designing your day.



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Book: Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems & Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

Book: Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day

Online course: The Official Sprint Bootcamp (discount code SWD20)