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storytelling with data podcast

Oct 9, 2019

If good graphs empower us to pose good questions, what happens on the dark side of data viz? In this episode, Cole talks with Alberto Cairo about his new book, How Charts Lie. Their conversation delves into how information designers and consumers are both to blame as well as how mindfulness relates to chart making and interpretation. Tune in also to hear tips to keep from spreading misinformation, why “essay” is a beautiful word, and Alberto’s optimism for the future of data visualization.


Order How Charts Lie

Follow Alberto: | @albertocairo

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Book: How to Lie with Maps (Monmonier)

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Book: Naked Statistics (Wheelan)

Book: Picturing the Uncertain World (Wainer)

Book: The Enigma of Reason (Mercier & Sperber)

Book: The Righteous Mind (Haidt)

Book: Thinking Fast & Slow (Kahneman)

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