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storytelling with data podcast

Sep 22, 2023

Cole walks listeners through her process of preparing for a recent presentation—from turning an idea into slides, to how she readied herself to present powerfully. Tune in to hear how a visual navigation scheme can help you stay on track as you present and create memorable takeaways for your audience, why...

Jul 28, 2023

Whether you’ve asked for it or not, sometimes critique from others simply gets under our skin. From feel-good platitudes that lack actionability to outright requests to manipulate data—Cole covers five categories of common graph and slide feedback that people hate to receive. Tune in to learn strategies...

Jun 16, 2023

What does Cole’s 7-year-old daughter have in common with the typical audience member for your data stories? Tune in to find out! In this short episode, Cole discusses a handful of specific things you can do to help set yourself—and others—up for successful data stories.

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May 24, 2023

Graphs and slides are often the first tools we reach for when we need to communicate with data—but when might storytelling withOUT data yield better results? Cole outlines numerous scenarios for alternative approaches, sharing examples from clients, workshops, and her books. 

From boardgames to baby pics, tune in to...

May 15, 2023

Mike and Alex discuss the advantages and drawbacks of designing visualizations with light and dark backgrounds, using examples from SWD community members to highlight where each approach can be preferable. Then, they dive into history and discuss the staying power of some famous graphs. What makes them memorable—and...