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storytelling with data podcast

Feb 6, 2018

“It depends.” These two simple words can answer a number of questions raised when it comes to visualizing data and communicating with it effectively. In this session, Cole discusses 10 common data visualization questions where the answer is “it depends” and discusses what it depends on and the critical thought process required for success in this space. Cole also answers reader questions on considerations between lower and upper case in data visualization related text and Excel resources.

Mentioned Show Links:

Study on pie charts by Robert Kosara & Drew Skau

F**ck it, let’s use pie charts by Jon Schwabish

Misleading data & visualizations video, Alberto Cairo at Urban Institute

Visualizing incomplete & missing data + Visualizing the uncertainty in data by Nathan Yau

Recent #SWDchallenge: 88 annotated line graphsRecent SWD post incorporating reader feedback on where to put text by Elizabeth Ricks

How much labeling should you include in a visualization? + Is white space always your friend? by Neil Richards

Excel resources: SWD excel downloads,, Peltier Tech & Chandoo

Updates: Audible book, upcoming public workshops in London, Zurich, SF & Seattle

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