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storytelling with data podcast

Feb 22, 2020

Why do we visualize data and what makes data visualization good? Tune in to hear Cole share her thoughts on these and related questions. She also answers listener questions about chronological versus lead-with-ending ordering for presentations, what to do when trying to show many data series in a line graph, and resources for communicating risk in a way that is easy to understand.


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Podcast: What makes a visualization memorable? with Michelle Borkin (Data Stories)

Conversation: What is the best balance between engaging & informing? (Charlie Hutcheson)

Visual: What makes a good data visualization? (David McCandless)

Conversation: Resources for communicating risk in a way that is easy to understand

Medium post: Florence Nightingale is a design hero (RJ Andrews)

Exercise: Let’s draw!

Book: Data Points (Nathan Yau)

SWDchallenge: small multiples

Workshops: 2020 public workshop schedule, custom workshops & webinars

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