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storytelling with data podcast

Feb 5, 2019

How did you learn to visualize data? Professionals in this space hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and in this episode, you’ll hear a dozen responses to this question, from artists, mathematicians and more. Listen to these industry leaders’ captivating stories and anecdotes—while learning lessons that you can apply to hone your own data visualization skills.


Moritz Stefaner: @moritz_stefaner |

Andy Cotgreave: @acotgreave |

Jen Christiansen: @ChristiansenJen |

Alberto Cairo: @albertocairo |

RJ Andrews: @infowetrust |

Jeffrey Shaffer: @HighVizAbility |

Shirley Wu: @sxywu  |

Jon Schwabish: @jschwabish |

Naomi B. Robbins: @nbrgraphs |

Steve Wexler: @VizBizWiz |

Robert Kosara: @eagereyes |

Elijah Meeks: @Elijah_Meeks |