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storytelling with data podcast

Oct 16, 2018

Could the process of choosing where to live give us some insights on choosing the “right” graph? When it comes to your data presentations, how do you choose the right graph? Is there even such a thing as the “right” graph? In this episode, Cole shares some updates on life changes, discusses the concept of graphing for exploring and understanding your data, graphing for communicating, and some tools that may make your process for landing on an effective visual more efficient. She answers listener Q&A on non-zero baselines, when to use an axis vs. when to label data directly, and how to know when your visualization is complete.

Listening time: 32:58


Zan Armstrong’s video: include link to Zan’s UW talk

Elijah Meeks’ Medium article: What charts do

Juice Analytics Chart Chooser

Ann Emery’s Essentials Chart Choosing Tool

Jon Schwabish’s Graphic Continuum Poster & Cards

Andy Kirk’s Chartmaker Directory

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